Program Overview

Nova Scotia Envirothon is coordinated by the Nova Scotia Forestry Association (NSFA) and is supported by private and public sponsorships. Envirothon teams practice throughout the school year in order to prepare for the annual competition, which is generally held during the month of May. Envirothon teams from across Nova Scotia compete for the provincial title and for the right to represent Nova Scotia at the annual North American Envirothon competition. The North American Envirothon is held during late summer and the location varies from year to year; the 2015 North American Envirothon will be held in Springfield, Missouri.

Envirothon Committee & Volunteers

Much of the success of the Nova Scotia Envirothon is attributed to the high level of commitment and enthusiasm that committee members and volunteers give to the program each year. The purpose of the Envirothon Committee is to oversee the Nova Scotia Envirothon program, providing a long-term vision for the program and oversee the organization of the provincial competition and workshops. The committee is comprised of volunteers who write the field tests, oral scenarios, develop study materials and assist with developing workshops. These activities require a number of site visits throughout the year to ensure that questions are site specific and that logistical details are taken care of. Committee members are on hand during the competition and workshops to assist with supervising field stations, judging oral presentations and marking tests.